Thursday, March 4, 2010

...err, these hectic days...(2)

Ooops! I forgot to mention something. Besides been too busy to think, some random things are:

:) Realizing what I want to do for the rest of my life and I hope the path towards its pursuance is chalked out soon.

:) Listening some music and I am in love with Javed Ali's voice.
      (I wish that I'll attend his live performance at Jaipur on 14th March in JECRC.)

:) Growing hairs are just wonderful. My friends often suggest me to have long hairs, but I am happy with moderate. SORRY DOST!

:) Thought that I had fallen in love but realizing it wasn't anything of that sort from other side. [:P]

:) Enjoying Cricket at it's maximum.

:) Home sickness is no longer yet. All my friends are at their home but I am not. But maybe within 10 days, I'll there.

:) have some important days in my life coming up.

Finally, MUAAHHH :) to all those college friends who canned on my planes in Feb. and March.
so, ek Break to Banta hai Boss...

till then TAADDAAAHHH....... :D  

...err, these hectic days...(1)

I have lost focus in life! well so be it! and I am going to go nowhere! well so be it!

I think that I am on absolute vacations. Dunno how come I have become so reclusive in life since starting of this year but generally, I have started talking less, may be its natural or just a phase!

After Holi, this week is going to be crucial, so 'fingers crossed', but anyway! I'll pass through this phase too!