Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Open letter to King Khan!

Dear SRK,

Don't worry! I ain't going to write anything panic for you. A lot of people(especially youth) are criticizing you for Ra.One. I didn't watch it yet, but I appreciate your efforts as always. Everyone has it's own dream & you're lucky enough to attain it. For me you're a role-model whether it may be your presence-of-mind, stage appearance, your hard-work, sports, belief in GOD or anything.

People say bad things about you, prompt you as selfish actor. Actually they're not jealous of you. They're jealous of your triumph, your journey, your glory that you achieved. When they like Delhi Belly or Dabaang & criticize Ra.One(SRK) it doesn't mean that you made a scrap, it means they are frustrated with their own life. You put an example in front of them for being a super-star after facing a lot of struggle. You were a common man like them, an ordinary college student. You got what you wanted, you got your love, you got your passion, girls are mad for you. Everything you dreamt...But you make them realize that they're still away from their dreams. That's the reason behind their lack of interest.

They'll start to talk about your movie & suddenly you will be pointed out. They don't hate Salmaan or Aamir as they don't know about their own struggle. Both were familier to industry already. It's you whose story people know from top to bottom. They know that it was you who used glue in his hairs due to insufficient money to purchase hair-gel. They know that it was you who fought for his love & got it. They can see their own lives in you but only word missing- 'success'.

But still, some people love you. They are mad for you. Please keep making movies for them & ofcourse yourself.

You're doing pretty well with Chammak-Challo & I hope you'll break all the records, here's the glimpse-

P.S. I'm writting as I'm his huge fan, just because I don't like jokes about him & here's the answer for all of them.