Sunday, December 14, 2008

dear ones...

I am here after a long time. Engineering is not an easy job now a days.You have to compete not only with your pears but also with yourself. This is not the reason for my delay of that period.

I am here for friends again. So I want to share something about my friends of my college life...


This was my first room partner and my first buddy of my college life.A genius person from whom I learn first chapter of professionalism.He is a great friend and good critic for your work so that you can improve your level.He is a lazy man who study last night of exam but has excellence in circuits and computers.


My classmate of ECE ,cool-shool banda.Doston ka dost orrrrr... dushmano ka bhi dost.Dil ka saaf banda.Honestly,I have never seen a true person like him. True lucky guy.

NARESH BANSAL : This creature is called typically 'Nurli' among our group. A person who can show everything whatever have in mind/heart. good friend of mine related to earth. He wants to fly in sky but also wants to keep feet grounded. Marwadi banda in desi flavour... HERO,looks like Jayed Khan.Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

RAVISH CHARAN : My next room partner after Alok. I learnt many things from him,,,,the main was to keep simple and straight forward yourself even you are special and wanted. He was my coach of 'Counter Strike'.A cool and dashing person,I ever seen in my batch. Fultoo masti lekin padhai k waqt padhai.Really a close friend of mine... Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

PREET BHASALI : Now really a tough job to define a friend like him. Dedicated to particular things for particular time. I never listen any kind of cheap things from him. Sharp minded,good programmer and really a focused person.....or sabse badi baat...yeh hai Hazir-Zawab. Bas ek hi problem hai,,,nahata nahi hai.Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

SHIKHAR JAIN : That's called ours 'chachi',an IT gadjet,awesome programmer,simple living and high thoughts.Also plays cricket and good critic of cricketers. Kabhi Kabhi to aise kaam kar deta hai jo expect nahi ki ja sakti...'one day in his room;me ,chachi & roussel'....can't say any more. Ek close friend . Iski first year ki bhujia abhi bhi yaad aati hai. koi nahi...Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

SAURAV(DAAU) : Yeh hamara leader ... Daaau Bhaiya. Gajab ka politician, good speaker, true leader ,grey-hat ,serial hacker,social motto,good cricketer, good motivator. I can't write more bcz. list is very long. I want to see him as an politician in future having techno background.Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

VIKASH : Studied in Army school, simple living personality, more close to Daau. A disciplined one , excellent football player. He got a creative mind where always innovative ideas appear.Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

PRIYANK : Ajmer/Jodhpur/Bikaner...ab ise kahaan ka bataoon. Cool-dude banda,,,he rocks in his own life but influence everyone. Stylish and commited person and fax-professional. A pace battery of our hostel. Buuuuuuurrrrraaaaahhhhh. Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

JITENDRA : Chi-chi/churu/rajgarh/jitu.......iske bhi kai naam.A CSE stud. Decent in nature,moral hearted but commits good arguments.Khane-Peene ki cheeze ghar se lata hai or.......hum kha jate hai.......truely yaar...amazing one,Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

ANKUR RAIKAR : Apna Kota ka hi banda hai.Sincere,concentrated,faithful...jyada ho gaya. Iska naam yaad karte hi gahlot k cricket k wo din din yaad aate hai jab isko hamesha boundry par fuilding karne k liye laga dete the,or jab bhi yeh koi catch by chance pakad bhi leta tha to ,he shouted...'Hat.....!!!!_______' chalo koi nahi,,,,but...Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

SHREEKANT : A CEO kum stud , IT professional since 1st year. Completely sink in Madhushala,Ghajals...and web designing. A well managed person and fully concentrated to passion.Having dreams and another dream in eyes to complete them.Hats-off to u bro.Keep in touch yaar,'Hamesha'.

to be contd...