Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 PM... :) Lessons learned :(

I read it before, but I think this is the perfect time to deliver it-

"Never make anybody a priority in your life, 
        when you are just an option for them..."

Easier said than done. Such little to smile about. 
I won't be short-tempered but how to stop myself to be little crazy :)

Feelings,they are so irrational, mostly a mad gush of chemicals making you crazy. Making me fight to keep them beneath the surface. Yeah, of course; making me fight. 

I don't know about limits, reasons I don't need. I'm but a slave of love.
you hurt me at maximum impact.
but I am thinking of you because- 'how much life owes us, in Love Debt.'

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thought !

This is the smallest post for the season. Sorry about discontinuity. This is the impact of Gulzar. I was just tweeting & the result is it. I think you'll feel Gulzar in it definitely & even it is unbelievable that I framed it.

"कल मौसम की रंगत कुछ और ही थी,
        और आज देखो, इतना तल्ख़ हुए जा रहा है,
                      लगता है इसने भी कभी इश्क़ किया था |"

Dedicated to the weather of 22nd Feb.
Say how's it? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hopin' For A Sweet Semester :)

The sky is dark, pitch black, except for the glitter of the few stars of great bear constellation. What I presume are clouds, hide everything on the earth from me. The yellow light at the tip of the wing breaks the serenity. I crane my neck to see the rear view out of the window and see the full moon, in all its glory, perched over a cushion of  clouds just over the horizon. The cradle is lit yellow with the light from the aged moon.

And I curse my eyes, my heart for being unable to capture the magnificent scene.

I have forgotten all the things in a while, my mobile is ringing & I am attending the call.
It may relavent to my semester, hoping so...
(For those lost, this was a scene from my overnight flight...... 1 am-5 am, in my dreams)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gulzar & me...(version-2)

"दिल की वादी में चाहत का मौसम है और यादों की डालियों पर अनगिनत बीते लम्हों की कलियाँ महकने लगी है | अनकही-अनसुनी आरज़ू, आधी सोयी हुई, आधी जागी हुई...आँखें मूँद के देखती है...ज़िन्दगी | ज़िन्दगी जिसके पहलु में मोहब्बत भी है, तो हसरत भी है, पास आना भी है, दूर जाना भी है | वक़्त बहता है झरने सा यह कहता हुआ ... दिल की वादी में चाहत का मौसम है ......."

आज फिर इस चाहत को गुलज़ार कर रहा हूँ गुलज़ार के साथ...

     "याद है इक दिन...
      मेरे मेज़ पे बैठे-बैठे
      सिगरेट की डिबिया पे तुम ने
      छोटे से इक पौधे का
      एक स्केच  बनाया था
      आ कर देखो-
      उस पौधे पर फूल आया है !!'


Gulzar will come back again...
wait for next posts...Bbye for now !

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Me, Mom 'n' Cricket

"Silly, stupid, duffers; ruining all the Indians. Look, look at the way they chase the ball like ghosts, earn a lot for this silly thing and you with similar-you destroy your precious 9 hours for them. It's just madness." My mom says.

I don't know, why does she react in this way ? I remember that she watched all the matches of Team India in World-Cup 2003. But now...? I think she wants me to be more specific and concern about my career. But I can't hold myself to follow the Cricket Path.

Some things are the way they are...and words just can't explain them. So, I can't explain my feelings, I crane my neck to see the rear view out of the window. I love this game and enjoy every moment connected to it. Cricket teaches me about 'how to get victory and how to face failure.' This game gave me a lot of things and friends. And the most important thing is that I can enjoy this game only now. After 5 or 6 months from now there will be zero probability for this. So, sorry mom; you have to wait for my retirement from Cricket. [:D] more thing !
My father doesn't want to discuss anything at all. He just picks the newspapers or any magazine and comes out of the room as soon as I get the sports channel on the TV :)

and I have to mention my future program here-
March : Intra-College Sports Events
April : ECB Sports Club Championship

Bbye...but I'll come again because yeh dil maange more :)

Gulzar & me...(version-1)

Now I am from Gulzar's side, giving time to his wonders (I am saying 'wonders' because he does miracles with his creations). I want to share something which I like the most. The very first in a row is here...

Love you Gulzar... :)

और अचानक ...
तेज हवा के झोंके ने कमरे में आकर
हलचल कर दी ...
पर्दे ने लहरा के मेज़ पे रखी ढेर-सी कांच की
चीज़ें उलटी कर दी ...
फडफड करके इक किताब ने जल्दी से मुंह
ढांप लिया ...
इक दवात ने गोता खा के,
सामने रखे जितने कोरे कागज़ थे सबको रंग दिया
दीवारों पे लटकी तस्वीरों ने भी हैरत से
गर्दन तिरछी करके देखा तुमको...

फिर से आना ऐसे ही तुम
और भर जाना रंग फिर से इस कमरे में !

                                                    - गुलज़ार

(more in next posts...)