Saturday, February 6, 2010

Me, Mom 'n' Cricket

"Silly, stupid, duffers; ruining all the Indians. Look, look at the way they chase the ball like ghosts, earn a lot for this silly thing and you with similar-you destroy your precious 9 hours for them. It's just madness." My mom says.

I don't know, why does she react in this way ? I remember that she watched all the matches of Team India in World-Cup 2003. But now...? I think she wants me to be more specific and concern about my career. But I can't hold myself to follow the Cricket Path.

Some things are the way they are...and words just can't explain them. So, I can't explain my feelings, I crane my neck to see the rear view out of the window. I love this game and enjoy every moment connected to it. Cricket teaches me about 'how to get victory and how to face failure.' This game gave me a lot of things and friends. And the most important thing is that I can enjoy this game only now. After 5 or 6 months from now there will be zero probability for this. So, sorry mom; you have to wait for my retirement from Cricket. [:D] more thing !
My father doesn't want to discuss anything at all. He just picks the newspapers or any magazine and comes out of the room as soon as I get the sports channel on the TV :)

and I have to mention my future program here-
March : Intra-College Sports Events
April : ECB Sports Club Championship

Bbye...but I'll come again because yeh dil maange more :)

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  1. you are among the very few people I know , who are wonderful. Man, way to go! Keep the spirits high!