Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Birthday...

Another year goes by, and I'm of 22 now.(... Happy Birthday to me. !!! )

Few days back my friend said that why I'm away from blog. Then I realized that since last 7 months, I didn't write any post. Am I really busy or just pretending ?

Initially that was fun, but it's no more fun. For a clarify it rained few days back here. I could see those kids playing & enjoying the rain, but I (who was moving for office)...could only see them, & now when I had all the time to think, it made me realize that how we miss being ourselves, how we can never dare to NOT bother for the world and be happy and how responsibilities takes over and we miss out on all the life! Henceforth, I’ve decided to take out more time for myself and all the silly things I have missed doing over the past few months, since the time I started working. I faced some new things, some new places, new people & new experiences... all that I've right now.

Well coming to B'Day point, my weird thoughts:

At very first, It's a great relief to realise I still have friends who remember. It was a pleasant surprise (may be facebook/orkut birthday reminder worked for them!!). Nice, to the extent of being funny, was when my buddies started wishing me a week in advance and amidst wild guesses of when my birthday actually was, I had one full week of wishes! (Sometimes it's better when people forget. ;)

It's good to wait for birthdays before you buy anything for yourself & I'm doing so.

Then there's my mother, who comes to wish, and the second thing I think she'll say is "You're of marriagable age now!". Supposedly my kundli says I'll get married in early age may be between 22 and 25, so that's the new ploy to get my plans out about getting chained...sorry married. ;) For the fact's sake she knows and understands all my plans...its just the happiness she derives out of tryin to make me blush.:P

I love and respect my father... the way he cutely smiled say the magic words Happy birthday "Beta"....touched my soul and energised me to face the tougher years of life !!!

My brother, he is in himself a gift for me.

May be a drive around the city with dearones after watching Singham again (joking) and blessing myself with loud music, remembring what and how life had treated for the last 244 months of my life...was how the day was planned to end as...!!!

I love my this day ... what more can one ask for... ???

All in all no introspection, no revelations, just plain simple life...and a worth remembering birthday # 22 !!! :))

P.S.- First birthday in TATA family and sharing this with Late J.R.D. Tata.