Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to the World Of Certainty...

Hey, chaos of the life is back. The glitter, the joy, friends & sinusoids are back. Finally I got my much awaited joining of TCS. I have to join at Haldia in West Bengal on 27th December. It'll be December, the sweet December. The time is back with momentum, enthusiasm, freshness, random people, a big-far place...another new life, new begin.

Within a day, I got so many views about this place 'Haldia.' Some friends are teasing me for this Bengali place but some are excited as well and have started suggesting me for 'to-do-list.'

Whatever is the fact, it's reality that I'm going to start a new inning there. Whichever the way, I'm loving it!

I know that there will be some complications to adjust there and I'm supposed to decide all alone but my friends are going to help me in this; & yes, they are with me. I know that my job will kill my waking hours & it'll not be as fun as it sounds but we're gonna make it.

I'm happy because my parents are also happy. They are around and always wants me to be around all the time. They are ready to get me out but not permanently.

Life's suddenly exciting again after ECB. Fingers crossed for 27 December. Wish me Luck.

Phew!!! Welcome to TCS, Ashu.

Cheers to living a great day :)

Some snaps of Haldia by my friend-