Monday, December 20, 2010


What's more...after 4 months of ‘practically-nothing,’ 3 months of uncorrupted life, that is what I am waiting for... 3 months after a span of loneliness(reference to friends)...3 months of going around professionalism...moreover  ‘My First Job’ much that I can forget everything and start a new chapter in TATAs... full of energy and great upcoming memories of these coming 3 months.

Just thinking, how do you feel if your entire family comes to drop you after living with them for 4 months, especially for someone who hardly spent a week away from his family for 21 years of his life( not talking about Engineering). Excited,right... I am feeling double the excitement but mixed with blood is flowing at 240 mmHg...and my eyes fixed on the clock...72 hrs 30 mins more to go... a whole lot of things are on my mind...

Just wondering after my ILP, how my mother would react on seeing me,my father's expression on seeing me and my brother,I know his reaction! But,back to the delicious home food,food for which I never worked, but something I terribly long for now. As I’m going away from them , I’ve to just eagerly wait for my father to take over the commands of me and my place, just like he has always done....just like what I have always liked...

Before today, I have been looking for ways to kill time. And kill it continously and rather ruthlessly. But I wonder how people would choose between having no time at all, like I was in my engineering  or having infinite time like now.Tried a lot of things,some mentionable while others not...cant say about the future as I hardly have any idea what I would do after 2 hours....But still,at least the mind is doing something.

I think; Heisenberg is God, and uncertainty rules, for both its inevitability and its excitement, yet I need to believe that come what may, it will never be so bad it breaks me or will ruin my freedom because I’m going to experience this ‘uncertainty’ in a certain environment.

Time to say farewell to this extra laziness. Lots of work needs to be done there, got to go...hopefully to come up 1000000 times happier when I write next in this blog, your wishes needed... :)

& yes... wishing you all ‘A very Happy New Year 2011’ :)