Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hopin' For A Sweet Semester :)

The sky is dark, pitch black, except for the glitter of the few stars of great bear constellation. What I presume are clouds, hide everything on the earth from me. The yellow light at the tip of the wing breaks the serenity. I crane my neck to see the rear view out of the window and see the full moon, in all its glory, perched over a cushion of  clouds just over the horizon. The cradle is lit yellow with the light from the aged moon.

And I curse my eyes, my heart for being unable to capture the magnificent scene.

I have forgotten all the things in a while, my mobile is ringing & I am attending the call.
It may relavent to my semester, hoping so...
(For those lost, this was a scene from my overnight flight...... 1 am-5 am, in my dreams)

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