Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, I am now officially and legally of 21... is anybody listening?Today is my 22nd birthday. I feel old, weary and an epic failure. As time is passing, I realize, I am liking life less and more less. I’ve completed my engineering and going to work for Ratan Naval Tata in his Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. I don’t think that it’s a final phase but i’ll enjoy at fullest. Phase by phase/ situation by situation, I’m getting old and it’s definite that life at work is making me age quick.

Being a kid was good. Situations were not always same.

As I go 4 years back; everything was quite different, even falling in love was so much simpler four years back than it is now. It used to be simple, joyous and strengthening. Now the same love can harsh me, ruin me, can make me feel weak and helpless, the same love. When did it become so powerful? Who knows... Also deciding what to do in life was so much simpler. So Limited options, enough time and limited risk also. One could just be good at what one choose to do. But now? Job? To study further or not? Where is the career headed? My parents wanna know about my future plans (recently my mom wants me to go for hair-cut :D). Hell, I don't know where I am going to be next week.

How can I forget friends, having friends was too much simpler. People just became friends, and stayed so. Now, in college/after college we have colleagues, bosses, juniors, hangout gangs etc . Feelings are divided. This feeling for senior, this for junior and this one is for my batch. Feelings are limited.

Even family - they were around and wanted you to be around all the time.

Also ‘Frooti’ says, “why grow up”...growing up is very-very confusing. You can lose your beloved things. Why the hell does anyone ever want to grow up? I don't want so... Well it's a process and I'm an ore for whom it's necessary to go through this process for purification.

Happy 21st Birthday to ME !

On closing note I would like to give out some unbirthday wishes to whoever is reading this and some birthday wishes to my self ;)

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