Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hazaron khwahishen aisi...

I have thought about this issue several times without a concrete answer. Now I am having answer....ohhh, sorry! 'answers'.A lot of things I want. Here it is-

I want to play for the Indian Cricket Team in the World Cup 2011. I want to write a book about the story of my life. I want to be blind for a few days. I want to be a millionaire and then throw it all away. I want to interact with Gulzar and tell him to write something for me.I want to travel at least one hundred countries in my lifetime, on all seven continents( 'Australia' first). I want to be able to live a life free of the fear of death and pain. I want to save the water & trees. I want to be free, from norms, from DO's and DONT's.I want to wear a red-black funny flowery shirt to the an important conference/seminar/interview and walk out smiling about it.I want to take a lecture of my HOD in his style(wanna teach him). I want to cycle across countries for a few months. I want to hug & kiss the most beautiful and important girl of my life in my balcony. I want to tell her that 'I Love You' and want to sing my favourite song for her. I want to own a chocolate shop. I want every single motivation of mine in my life. I want a pet dog & zoo-zoo's of vodafone. I want to disappear off into the wilderness for weeks or months or years, and just be alone and think. I want to know (well) at least five musical instruments: guitar,violin, flute, mouth organ & piano; five sports: cricket, football, F-1, x-games & sketing; and five languages: spanish, italian, german, urdu, japanese. I want my own home-library and I want time to stop so that I can just keep reading. I want to be a good son, friend, husband and father. I never want my beautiful mind, body and soul to deteriorate in any way. I want to have a car accident/plane crash and survive. In the end, I know they will and I want to commit suicide - my life and my death should be in my hands.

This is a small list. Not everything is necessarily true. But if it was...who knows...!!!

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  1. Man , superb! I must confess , many of them are what I too want to do! wish you that you do them all one day! Ameen