Saturday, April 24, 2010

I tagged myself...

If you are free then you can use these tags for yourself.
Here goes:


- Available: For friends and relatives, YES. ALL THE TIME.

- Age: 21, but probably less than 18 by heart!

- Annoyance: Insincerity

- Animal: Doggies!!


- Beer: No

- Birthday: 29th July

- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes

- Best feeling in the world: Knowing that someone loves you with everything in them. Nothing can beat that!

- Best weather: Spring

- Been in Love: Yes

- Been on stage?: Yes..

- Believe in miracles: Yes.

- Believe in God: Yes. Most of the times.

- Bouncers: Several times... on me or by me :D

- Baran/Bikaner: ambiguity.


- Car: Not a big car freak but it may be Corolla.

- Candy: Yes! (Bachpan ki aadat)

- Color: Black, White, Blue.

- Cried in school: No.

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.

- Country to visit: Want to explore the whole of India. And the whole world. Dream destinations: Australia, Italy, France.


- Day or Night: Night.

- Danced: Yes, but only in marriages. But love it in general, and want to.

- Dance in the rain?: aah.... loved it.


- Eggs: Only in cakes.

- Eyes: Smiling. Speaking. Alight. Alive. That’s the way I like them.

- Everyone has: A story, A past.


- First crush: In college.

- First thoughts waking up: Gosh! Is it morning already?

- Food: Anything vegetarian, depending on my mood...sometimes 'Bhujiya ki Sabji on Fauji Dhaba'.

- Fast/Spin: more and more pace.


- Greatest Fear: Having nothing to live for

- Goals: To grow in life, not to just go through life.

- Get along with your parents?: Yes. Touch wood.

- Girls: Although I don't have a Ph.D. yet I feel that this creature wants you to initialize everything but wants to end up everything in her

own way.


- Hair Colour: Black

- Height: 6’1”

- Happy: Generally, yes.

- How do you want to die: Sudden Death, even 'pata nahi chale ki mar gaya';Peacefully. Without pain to me    or to others.

- Health freak?: Nope.

- Hate: Lies, back biting and insincere behaviour.


- Ice Cream: muaaahhh... Love it. Any flavour will do.

- Instrument(musical): Only table yet, once bought a mouth-organ.

- Idol: Randomly changes, depends on demand.


- Jewelry: Nah, Not into it.

- Job: filhaal to lag gayi.

- Juice/Softdrink: Juice.

- Juice/Tea: Juice.

- Juice/Ice-Cream: Ice-Cream :)


- Kids: None yet.

- Kites: sure, i'm going to watch it.

- Keep a magazine?: Used to.


- Love: Has the potential to change you and your world. It is precious, and worth fighting for.

- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes.

- Love at first sight: Yup.


- Marriage: Not Yet, will happen in due time.

- Machines: used to.

- Music: can't sustain without it.


- Number of Siblings: 1, A Younger Brother.

- Number of Piercings: None

- Naughty: depends


- One wish: To be successful.


- Place you’d like to live: Amidst lush greenery and extremely beautiful natural surroundings.

- Perfect food: My mum's hand-made.

- Pepsi/Coke: Slice.

- Prizes: countable yet.


- Questionaires: Fun when I need refreshment/nap. (like now)


- Reason to cry: When I am hurt.

- Reality T.V.: Yes.

- Roll in cricket team: Strike Bowler.


- Song: Loads of favourites.

- Shoe size: 9

- Slept outside: Yes. On terraces.

- Seen a dead body?: Yes.

- Smoked?: Nope.

- Shower daily?: Yes. 

- Sing well?: Would love to, but, unfortunately, I don’t now. 

- Swear?: Left it.

- Single?: Yup.

- Scientists need to invent: Nothing particular as such.


- Time for bed: Sometimes early, sometimes too late (like today).

- TV: Yes, addicted kind of.

- Touch your tongue to your nose: Can’t. 


- Unpredictable: Yes.


- Vegetable you hate: Spinach.

- Vegetable you love: Potato, Karela and Bhindi!

- Vacation spot: Home :)


- Weakness: Too caring. Too sensitive. Too trusting. Too sentimental. Can't satisfy in a bit-'I want more'. 

- When you grow up: Want to be a better person, and have made a difference in the life of someone.

- Worst feeling: To be ignored.

- Wanted to be a model?: Never.

- Where do we go when we die: No clue!

- Worst weather: None actually. Every season has its own downs, and its own beauty.


-X-Rays: Once...


-Year it is now: 2010.

-You: ofcourse, I needed.


- Zoo animal: Not a very big fan of zoos. Pity the animals. 

- Zodiac sign: Aries & Capricorn

Take it up, guyz! It’s fun!!


  1. A for Ashish , Z for Zeal and various shades in between.

  2. no queries...
    but just want to knw the 5 letter name..
    bigning with "S"..... :)
    ha ha ha ha ...
    nice way to describing ur personality...
    god bless u...

  3. thanx to all for the compliments...

    @ujjval : but you naughty opened the cage :)

  4. (I would like to include 5 letter word initiated with 'S', but can't :(S _ _ _ L0lzzzzz )

    really a nice creation....

  5. cheating nahi Saurabh :x
    not fair...

  6. r u missing something
    B -Badshah Bhai(Tusi great ho !!! tofa kabul kero)
    s- ............
    really creative awesome.
    i wish this will continue ...great

  7. bhai Let me eLaborate the 5 Letter word............ Last Letter of her name is ???// can any 1 guess from this comment LoLzz LoLzzz...........